Permify has integrations with some of popular tracing tools to analyze performance and behavior of your authorization. These are:


Set Up

Adding one of these tracing tools to your authorization system is quite simple, you just need to define it in the Permify configuration file as tracer.

  exporter: 'zipkin'
  endpoint: ''
  disabled: false
  • exporter: enter the tool name that you want to use. jaeger , otlp, signoz, and zipkin.
  • endpoint: export url for tracing data.
  • disabled: switch option for tracing.
  • insecure: configures the exporter to connect to the collcetor using HTTP instead of HTTPS. This configuration is relevant only for signoz and otlp.
  • urlpath: allows one to override the default URL path used for sending traces. If unset, default (“/v1/traces”) will be used. This configuration is relevant only for otlp.

Example YAML configuration file

  name: ‘permify’
  port: 3476
  log_level: ‘debug’
  rollbar_env: ‘permify’
  exporter: 'zipkin'
  endpoint: ''
  disabled: false
    connection: 'postgres'
    database: 'morf-health-demo'
    uri: 'postgres://'
    pool_max: 2

After running Permify in your server, you should run Zipkin as well. If you’re using docker here is the docker pull request for Zipkin:

docker run -d -p 9411:9411 openzipkin/zipkin