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What is Permify ?

Permify is an open-source authorization service for creating fine-grained and scalable authorization systems.

With Permify, you can easily structure your authorization model, store authorization data in your preferred database, and interact with the Permify API to handle all authorization queries from your applications or services.

Permify is inspired by Google’s consistent, global authorization system, Google Zanzibar.


Building scalable authorization systems is hard and time-consuming, and we’re here to overcome this!

Our goal is to make Google’s Zanzibar available to everyone and help engineering teams build a robust, flexible, and easily auditable authorization system, which will centrally position itself in your environment, taking responsibility for access control among your applications and services.

See the Authorization As A Service section to learn why building authorization is challenging and how our approach significantly reduces engineering efforts and secures future-proof access control systems.

With Permify, you can:

🔮 Create permissions and policies using Permify’s flexible authorization language that is compatible with traditional roles and permissions (RBAC), arbitrary relations between users and objects (ReBAC), and attributes (ABAC).

🔐 Manage and store authorization data in your preferred database with high availability and consistency.

Interact with the Permify API to perform access checks, filter your resources with specific permissions, perform bulk permission checks for various resources, and more.

🧪 Test your authorization logic with Permify’s schema testing. You can conduct scenario-based testing, policy coverage analysis, and IDL parser integration to achieve end-to-end validations for your desired authorization schema.

⚙️ Create custom and isolated authorization models for different applications using Permify Multi-Tenancy support, all managed within a single place, Permify instance.

Getting Started

In Permify, authorization is divided into 3 core aspects; modeling, storing authorization data and interacting with the APIs.

This document explains how Permify handles these aspects to provide a robust and scalable authorization system for your applications.

For the ones that want to try it out and examine it instantly, use Permify Playground to get started!

Community & Support

We would love to hear from you!

You can get immediate help on our Discord channel. This can be any kind of question-related to Permify, authorization, or authentication and identity management. We’d love to discuss anything related to access control space.

For feature requests, bugs, or any improvements you can always open an issue.

Want to Contribute? Here are the ways to contribute to Permify

  • Contribute to codebase: We’re collaboratively working with our community to make Permify the best it can be! You can develop new features, fix existing issues or make third-party integrations/packages.
  • Improve documentation: Alongside our codebase, documentation is an important part of our open-source journey. We’re trying to give the best DX possible to explain ourselves and Permify. And you can help with that by importing resources or adding new ones.
  • Contribute to playground: Permify playground allows you to visualize and test your authorization logic. You can contribute to our playground by improving its user interface, fixing glitches, or adding new features.

You can find more details about contributions on CONTRIBUTING.md.

Communication Channels

If you like Permify, please consider giving us a star on github

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You can find Permify’s Public Roadmap here!

Need any help on Authorization ?

Our team is happy to help you get started with Permify. If you’d like to learn more about using Permify or how it might fit into your authorization workflow, schedule a call with one of our Permify engineers.