This section shows how to run Permify using our docker container. You can run Permify using Docker with following command.

Run in a terminal

docker run -p 3476:3476 -p 3478:3478 -v {YOUR-CONFIG-PATH}:/config serve

This will start a Permify server with the configuration that is in {YOUR-CONFIG-PATH}.

Configure with a YAML file

This config path - {YOUR-CONFIG-PATH} - should contain the config yaml file, where you can configure the Permify Server as well as define the database to store your authorization related data in.

By default, the container is configured to listen on ports 3476 (HTTP) and 3478 (gRPC) and store the authorization data in memory rather than an actual database.

Configure Using Flags

Alternatively, you can set configuration options using flags when running the command. See all the configuration flags by running,

docker run -p 3476:3476 -p 3478:3478 serve -help

In addition to CLI flags, Permify also supports configuration via environment variables.

You can replace any flag with an environment variable by converting dashes into underscores and prefixing with PERMIFY_ (e.g. —log-level becomes PERMIFY_LOG_LEVEL).

Test your connection.

You can test your connection by making an HTTP GET request,


You can use our Postman Collection to work with the API. Also see the Using the API section for details of core functions.

Run in PostmanView in Swagger

Need any help ?

Our team is happy to help you get started with Permify, schedule a call with a Permify engineer.